Membership Information

To become a member of the KCWC, women must reside within the Kissing Camels community, fill out a membership application, submit it to the Board with the $50 annual dues and be accepted by the Board.  Memberships expire on the last day of April each year.  Members of the KCWC who move out of the neighborhood may continue their participation as Associate Members.

Aside from getting to meet your neighbors and make new friends, the benefits of your membership include:

·      Access to our fascinating programs and monthly luncheons 

·      The Evening Unwind after-hours group, where our members, including those who work during the day, can relax and socialize with their KCWC friends 

·      Invitations to join DAT Foodies Group and the Day Trippers on culinary explorations and daytime excursions 

·      Invitations to special events and exclusive club activities

·      Special Interest Groups, where you can share your interests

·      A copy of the KCWC Membership Directory, so you can easily find your friends throughout the neighborhood

·      Our monthly Newsletter, which includes a list of KCWC activities and events, monthly calendar, photos and more

·      Inclusion in the monthly raffles (if present at the meetings)

·      A networking opportunity where you can socialize with other members and learn more about what is going on in our neighborhood and community.



Monthly Calendar

Monthly meetings and luncheons are typically held on the 4th Tuesday of each month at the Garden of the Gods Club.  You do not need to be a member of the Garden of the Gods Club to be a member of Kissing Camels Women’s Club and attend our events.

KCWC members may attend the meetings/programs without staying for lunch; if you decide to stay for lunch, the cost is $20 per person. The meeting schedule is typically as follows:

10:45-11:10 a.m.    Social/sign-in   

11:10-11:20 a.m ­    Business meeting

11:20- 12:00           Program

12:00 –1 p.m.         Lunch

The calendar year for the Kissing Camels Women’s Club is from May 1st through April 30th.  Our annual meeting is held in April of each year.  Annual dues are $50.00.      

Potential members may attend up to two meetings as a guest.  If they wish to continue attending the monthly meetings/programs, join Special Interest Groups or participate in other club activities, they must fill out an application and become a full fledged member.  

Some of our programs may be of particular to your neighbors and friends.  As a member, you are welcome to bring female guests to a meeting (normal luncheon prices apply) and some of our group functions.  

Questions?  Please contact any current Board member or contact us by clicking HERE.  Thank you!