2017 Membership Renewal


It’s time for your 

2017/18 Membership Renewal 

Don’t miss a moment of laughter, sharing and fun with your KCWC friends!

What’s special about the KCWC?  It’s our own neighborhood club where you can meet your neighbors and make new friendships while enjoying a diverse range of programs and activities, wonderful food, field trips and wonderful social events!

To join the fun for another year, please send $50 for your annual membership renewal by April 30th.  Your membership allows you to attend our monthly meetings and our stimulating programs, join the Day Trippers on adventures, relax at our Evening Unwind, dine out with DAT Foodies group, join our special interest groups and receive a copy of our directory so that you can stay in touch with your KCWC friends.

We’ll be updating the directory soon, so be sure to renew your membership so that your name will be included!  Please click on the link below, which will open up the renewal form.  Just print it, fill it out, drop it off or mail it in.

You may bring this renewal form along with a check for $50 payable to the KCWC to our next monthly meeting, drop them off in the KCWC box next to the garage at 2615 Stagsleap Point or mail them to the KCWC, c/o Nancy Vessel, 2516 Stagsleap Point, Colorado Springs, CO 80904.

We’re looking forward to sharing another fabulous year with you!  Please click on “KCWC Renewal 2017” (below) for your renewal form.


KCWC Renewal 2017



 Don’t miss a minute of the fun!DSCN5589