Rules and Regulations

Kissing Camels Women’s Club

Rules and Regulations


These Rules and Regulations are established by the Board of Directors of Kissing Camels Women’s Club and may be modified from time to time by the Board.


  1. Membership

 a.  Full Membership. Membership shall be available to any female resident of Kissing Camels Estates, Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Associate Membership. In the interest of promoting the wonderful relationships among the women in KCWC, former members who have moved out of the neighborhood are eligible to renew as Associate Members and receive the same prices and benefits as Full Members with the following two exceptions:  Associate Members shall not be eligible to vote on club matters at the annual or special club meetings.  Associate Members shall not be eligible to serve on the Board of Directors until such time as they again reside within the gates of Kissing Camels Estates and thus qualify as Full Members.

b.  An individual who wishes to join the KCWC shall fill out an application form and submit it, together with payment of the annual membership fee, to the Board of Directors (Board). The Board shall act promptly to accept or deny the application.

c.  Memberships expire on the 30th of April each year. A membership may be renewed by payment of the annual fee and approval of the renewal by the Board.

d.  The annual membership fee for the upcoming year will be set by the Board.

e.  The KCWC promotes friendship, camaraderie, education and a spirit of cooperation among its members. Members shall conduct themselves in a pleasant and civil manner and shall respect the rights of other members. Failure to comply with these principles and the rules contained herein may result in the revocation or non-renewal of membership by the Board.


  1. Guests

a.  Members may bring guests to meetings. Women who live within the Kissing Camels community may attend not more than two meetings as guests. To attend meetings more frequently they need to become members of the KCWC.

b.  Members may bring women who do not live in the Kissing Camels community as their guests to our monthly meetings. Attendance of non-members at our monthly meetings is restricted to two visits within a one year period, each time accompanied by a current KCWC member.  (updated 2015)

c.  The KCWC is a women’s organization and meeting attendance is limited to members and female guests unless otherwise indicated in the meeting announcement.


  1. Monthly Meetings

a.  Monthly KCWC meetings will be held on the fourth Tuesday of the month unless otherwise notified.

b.  Reservations and payment for lunch are due by end of day Thursday prior to the meeting. The KCWC reserves the right to charge a late fee for reservations made after this deadline.

c.  Members may come for the program only and skip the lunch, in which case they are still asked to make a reservation one week ahead of time to facilitate planning.

d.  The amount paid for a lunch reservation is non-refundable unless requested during the reservation time. Once the count has been submitted to the Garden of the Gods Club, the refund option is not available.


  1. Annual Meeting

a.  The April monthly meeting each year constitutes the Annual Meeting of Members. Members will elect the Board members for the upcoming year and conduct such other business as the Board may request.

b.  After the meeting, the Board will meet to choose the following officers for the upcoming year from among the elected Board members: President, Vice President, Recording Secretary/Parliamentarian, Treasurer, Membership Director, Social Director, Creative Director and such other officers as the Board shall consider useful or necessary.


  1. Duties of Officers

a.  President. The President shall be the principal executive officer of the KCWC and shall, in general, supervise and control all of the business and affairs of the KCWC. The President shall preside at all KCWC meetings, conduct all Board meetings, and assist officers as needed or requested with their job duties and/or committees. The President shall prepare and deliver a report at the Annual Meeting of Members.

b.  Vice President Programs and Menus. The Vice President shall perform all duties of the President in the absence of that officer. If the office of the President becomes vacant, the Vice-President shall become President.

The Vice President also acts as the Program Chair and is responsible for planning programs for all monthly membership meetings. This planning shall include bringing the proposed programs to the Board for approval, contacting the speaker to extend the meeting and luncheon invitation, and coordinating the details of the speaker’s needs as the KCWC liaison to the Garden of the Gods Club. She also acts as Club Liaison and shall plan all menus with the chef and make all meeting arrangements with regard to meeting rooms and all equipment needed for each meeting. She shall take phone calls and e-mails from members who wish to attend the meeting only and submit said list to the membership committee a few days prior to the monthly meeting date.

c.  Recording Secretary/Parliamentarian. The Recording Secretary shall take and maintain minutes of all the KCWC Board meetings and shall be the custodian of all records and papers pertaining to her office. The Recording Secretary shall also prepare and deliver a summary of the previous year’s business at the annual meeting of members as needed due to changes in by-laws and/or rules and regulations. As acting Parliamentarian, she shall advise the President of proper parliamentary procedure to ensure that meetings are conducted in an orderly manner. The Parliamentarian shall also conduct the election of new Board members at the annual meeting and certify that a quorum is present.

d.  Membership Director. The Membership Director shall create and maintain the member and prospective member database; provide timely notice to the members of all events; and provide monthly membership updates to the Board. In addition, the Membership Director will be responsible for ensuring that the annual membership directory information is correct.

e.  Treasurer. The Treasurer shall receive all monies of the KCWC and shall deposit these monies into a checking account with a local bank in the name of KCWC. The Treasurer shall maintain a signature card at the bank with the signatures of the President, Vice President and Treasurer. All bills and requests for expenditure of funds shall be presented to the Treasurer.

f.  Communications Director. The Communications Director shall be responsible for maintaining the club’s website, creating and distributing special email notices and reminders, creating the monthly newsletter, providing club information for external communications and any other similar needs. (updated Aug. 2017)

g.  Other Directors:  The Roles and Responsibilities of the remaining Directors will be determined by each Board. 


  1. Interest Groups

a.  With the advice and approval of the Board, members may form interest groups that meet and plan activities, such as a book club, needlecraft group, music or Foodies group. The group will be formed when one or more members agree to lead the group, and will become dormant if there is a lapse in leadership.

b.  Individuals wishing to participate in interest groups must be members of the KCWC.

c.  Interest group leaders need to provide the Board with up-to-date names for the members who are participating in the group.

d.  The guest policies described above also apply to attendance at interest group meetings and events.


Speakers (modification and clarification approved by the Board Nov. 7, 2016)

  1. Speakers for the monthly membership meetings will be chosen by the Board, with input from members, to cover a broad range of topics of general interest to members.
  2. Every speaker/presentation must be pre-approved by a majority vote of the Board prior to any commitment being made.
  3. The KCWC may, at the Board’s discretion, pay a stipend to a speaker, based on the policy outlined below, and we will provide lunch for the speaker(s) at each monthly meeting.


Stipend/Honorarium Policy

a.  KCWC will provide a stipend of $100-$200 to a speaker whose presentation focuses on educating and/or entertaining KCWC members without the prospect of personal or professional financial gain. Examples would include musicians, authors, historians or elected officials.

1.  This amount may be modified at the Board’s discretion.

2.  A stipend commitment in the $100-$200 range does not require preapproval by the board, but a higher amount does require board approval.

3. In the event that a speaker requests that KCWC direct their stipend to a particular nonprofit organization, KCWC policy will be to make the stipend check payable to the speaker rather than the charity.

b.  If a speaker explicitly represents an appropriately-certified nonprofit organization, such as a 501(c)(3) charity, KCWC policy will be to make a donation of $100 to that organization in lieu of a direct stipend to the speaker.

  1. This amount may be modified at the Board’s discretion.

c.  KCWC will generally not provide a stipend to a speaker who owns or represents a commercial establishment that stands to benefit economically from their presentation to us. Examples would include retailers, spa services, estate planners, etc. We may, however, provide lunch to the speaker and any assistant(s).

8.   Nonprofit Organization Sales and Promotions

  1. Fund-raisers for the benefit of the KCWC may be organized from time to time with the approval of the Board.
  2. Speakers at the monthly luncheon meetings and businesses that provide door prizes may promote their products at the meetings.
  3. The KCWC will not provide membership information to be used for any purpose.
  4. Any other instance of marketing or business promotion to or by members must be specifically approved by the Board in advance.  This includes all proposed announcements during club events or via club communications for charitable, professional or religious institutions not related to our club or its activities. (Updated: Aug. 2017)